Theresa Albert | Food Communications Expert

As a corporate consultant I guide product innovation decisions and craft key communication messages for food producers. What goes on the label or what gets on the news needs to be the truth. Small start ups and large established brands alike know the 360 information swirl that their customers expect. They deserve genuine contact. A loyal customer is one who sees themselves in the brand’s story and my job is to help both know what that story is. (This includes acting as spokesperson at times through my established extensive media reach.)
As a personal nutrition consultant I come to you and seek to understand how to improve your current operation. We don’t start from scratch by my rules, we find the best way to use yours.

Recognizable, first call expert
on a variety of
broadcast channels:
Highlights: Cbc’s International hit lifestyle daily: Steven and Chris

two books published internationally:
McClelland & Stewart,
Ace Your Health &
HarperCollins Cook Once a week

Many modes of
in person communication:
motivational speaker,
college professor &
personal nutrition consultant.

National columnist, blogger & feature writer for Globe & Mail, Huffington Post & Metro to name a few.  A personal reach in the multi-millions.


I get that question all the time! So what is it I really do?

There is no course or program, just 25+ years of combining culinary and hotel training with certified nutrition designation
and a whack of writing/broadcast/recipe developing and PR experience.
But if you really want to know details, click here.

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Named one of Canada’s Top 25 Tweeters by Today’s Parent Magazine and one of’s 35 Favorite Bloggers, Theresa communicates about food and health where the action is. Boundless energy and the ability to distill complex concepts into simple, achievable ideas are her key strengths.