What about post secondary school supplies? There is a lot of hubbub around back to school supplies for the grade schoolers but the ones who really need the support of good ideas are those heading off for post secondary adventures.  They are “adults” yes, but do they have the skills and tools to be successful? Here are some small steps can make or break that healthy home, organized mind, and energized body:

baked peaches avocado


The back to school season can get busy, and according to a recent survey conducted by Centrum, it’s the time of year when parents feel their families’ routines change the most. But there are a few small steps anyone can take to ensure healthy habits don’t fall through the cracks. Eat a nutritious breakfast that includes protein and fruit, and take a multivitamin to help fill any nutritional gaps.

Dorms and rental units can be mayhem in the kitchen but your kid doesn’t have to compete or clean up after others.  Some allow a small fridge and toaster oven to be plugged into personal spaces.  I fell in love with this new Hamilton Beach Easy Reach convection toaster oven for its smart design.  The door opens up, not down so messy, burned food doesn’t create an unmanageable crust on the window. It is large enough for a frozen pizza but compact enough to whip up a hot breakfast in a flash. I may never use my big oven again.

Avocados are all the rage and with good reason, they are brain food and versatile. Slice them in half and fill with any number of nourishing, tasty ingredients.  Try: A small egg, hummus or vegan sour cream for protein and simply bake for 5 to 8 minutes. (Just long enough to shower)  These can be eaten out of hand in a flash and enroute and will keep the head thinking til noon.


Dorm life or roomie food can be less than nutritious. It is wise to continue the packed lunch concept to avoid the freshman fifteen.  While the schedule can be more random and less regular than before, having snacks well and compactly packed is simple. Long gone are the costly, disposable, smelly, leaky plastics and for that matter, long gone is the cheese sandwich. What’s hot in lunches is high nutrient, plant based foods like hummus, nuts, vegan cheese and gluten free crackers.  I like the stainless steel Bento box trend for meals like this because it keeps foods fresh and separate.  Well.ca has a variety for wee kiddies but these  for more grown up munching.

You don’t have to waste money or calories in a fast food line.Here is a power lunch that I shared originally in Canadian Business Magazine


All things computer and notes taker are important. Staples is the obvious choice for printer, printer ink, paper etc but they also have smart tools that are multifunctional.  This I-spire 3 in one clipboard/copy holder/memo white board stood out for my 4th year university bound multi-tasker.  The ability to write on the whiteboard during class for important notes but also use the clamp to hold note paper and then stand it up next to her computer for transcription (or do whatever she does, however she does it) was cool.

After you invest in containers and gear that will last the 4,5 or 6 years that it could take to get through a degree, you want to make sure you can keep track of these items! Even dorm mates like to “borrow” so Mabel’s Labels are a must. They really are at the top of the market since they are distinct, personalized and stay on permanently. Tip: use an email address or cell number instead of just a name so things get returned easily! These labels have gone through the washing machine of co-creator, Julie Cole’s 6 kids for over a decade and the success of them speaks even louder.  And there is a contest that could win you back some of your education investment http://mabelsaveforschool.com/

Staying nourished, organized and frugal are key skills for back to school, post secondary style.