So this is my first blog post about healthy eating and living. I never would have thought you’d catch me saying that but here it is. Sure over the years I’ve tried to ‘get healthy’ with bike riding, walking more, eating out less, etc and I know I’ve done a good job of this but when Theresa asked if I’d write for I thought ‘this could be interesting’.

The way this came about is I’ve recently started a new role at Flight Centre that finds me a traveling a lot and when I say a lot I mean a bunch of travel all over the world. Theresa and I talked about the challenges of trying to stay healthy and eating right while on the road. So, we came up with the idea of a blog series that tackles topics such as trying to find restaurants that serve more than a breakfast of steak and eggs and Guinness in London or taking that extra effort to get up 30 minutes earlier and hit the hotel gym. Personally, I’ve found it’s no easy feat to keep up with normal routines when I’m in a town for two days and then find myself flying to another destination.

This series will by no means be preachy; rather it’s intended to start conversations about how to remain healthy when we’re outside our normal routine. I’m hoping you will share your experiences, frustrations, and successes. What tricks do you use or what tips do you have to share? Perhaps it’s a favourite restaurant to you go to when traveling that I can try out?

Well, until my next road trip – eat well and stay healthy. I know I’m trying.