I’ve heard it before: “I am really good at managing my meals when I am at home but when we are on vacation, look out!”  That’s not such a bad thing, vacations are for pleasure, travel is for fun.  You should dine in fabulous places and invite the whole world in through your taste buds.  Fine wine is a privilege that must be approached with reverence and glee.  And bakeries vary not only from country to country but also from block to block, they simply scream to be explored.  But what happens when you bring home 2-5 pounds from every vacation (and it isn’t a piece of irreplaceable art safely stowed in your bag)? Those 2-5 pounds 1-3 times per year can spell disaster for your health.  After a few nights without sleep, your body reacts with side effects ranging from manageable to psychosis.  No vacation is worth the pain of feeling poorly.

My hope in the Healthy Travel Tips column is to show you how to navigate the world while keeping your eyes on the view rather than your waistband.  Please feel free to contact me at theresa@theresaalbert.com and pick up a copy of Ace Your Health to read on the plane, won’t you?

Let’s start here: