Whether you are a once a year traveler or a once a month-er, you will feel better and be able to do more/eat more if you keep moving. It doesn’t have to be the same workout that you would do at home but it does have to be something!

There is the exercise where you actively seek out focused physicality for the purpose of your health and the non-exercise which is called NEAT (Non-exercise Activity Thermogenisis).  In real life, you want both.  All the arm waving and walking to the store, shoveling the walk, carrying groceries, day to day motion actually burns more calories over the day that the exercise kind.  Mainly because, if you are smart, you are doing it all day or at least more than the one hour time allotted for the gym.

On vacation, you can dial down the treadmill, tennis, aerobics bit and amp up the NEAT stuff.  It will actually give your body a break from using the same muscles over and over again and can be worked into the vacation more pleasurably.  (Unless you love the treadmill, tennis thing! Then, you can do both)

To ramp up NEAT here are some ideas:

  • Make use of the environment while vacationing, beach walks, runs, swimming, see if there is a beach volley ball net.
  • Research the hotel or resort where staying and see what kind of activities you can walk to. Is there a café 1 km away that has the best coffee and breakfast? Where will you get your newspaper?
  • Plan to make use of local specialty activity like kayaking, snorkeling.  If you are near mountains ask about hiking or biking….
  • Ask for a room on a low floor so you can walk up to it or down from it.  With each vacation, go up one floor
  • A bike is a great way to see a city, you are more in tune with the heartbeat of wherever you may be
  • Travel with resistance bands to pull on when you are resting in your room, they can help you stretch out those travel kinks too.
  • Think about ways to do calisthenics and use your own body weight for  pushups, sit ups, plank, squats lunges.
  • To make calisthenics fun pack a deck of cards and shuffle the deck and pick a card and whatever number the card says that’s the number of repetitions you do for an exercise. Challenge travel mates to do this with you by the pool before cocktail hour
  • If you are the only active one in your group, get up early before everyone else,  get yours in so you will be ready to do what everyone else wants to do that day. Find a way to have it all!

To help keep you inspired, remember that your goal is to stay healthy. I am betting that what you really want is to see as much of the world as possible for as long as possible.