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Ace Your Health, 52 Ways to Stack Your Deck

Soooo EASY! Ace Your Health takes the huge topic of good health and pares it down to simple, small shifts you can easily integrate into a better daily routine. Preventative health is founded on good food and healthy eating habits. In her book Theresa Albert also deals out sensible advice on losing weight, sleeping better, reducing stress and anxiety, community, stretching, and many other aspects that will help round out a new and improved you.

What FUN! Theresa Albert, Toronto Nutritionist, has created a healthy, innovative and fun living program using  a clever co-incidence there are 52 cards in a deck and 52 weeks in the year. Play one card a week to help you  make easy, savvy and fun changes and choices.

Completely PRACTICAL! Each “card” lays out a concise, accessible explanation of why you want to make this shift and gives just enough background information.  Theresa’s next trick is providing dead-easy, crazy-tasty recipes plus real-life challenges that will help you apply your new knowledge. Part health book, part recipe book, part journal so you can keep track.

With her years of experience and her straight-shooting, laid-back style, Theresa Albert makes it a breeze to take 52 small bites out of your life and replace them with something even better: HEALTH

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eat-wellCook Once a Week, Eat Well Every Day

Its Wednesday night, 6 pm. Do you know where supper is? Is suppertime in your busy household frequently a hurried, nutrition-free ordeal consisting of fast or convenience food?  Let Cook Once a Week transform your suppertime circus into relaxing family time. Thirteen weekly plans feature delicious and affordable recipes and include nutritional analyses, itemized shopping lists, great leftover ideas and countless kitchen tips. Save time Statistics Canada says that we spend an average of 8 hours per week on cooking-related activities.  Cook Once a Week’s simple system of weekly shopping lists and do-ahead, easy recipes helps  you get all your meals for the week organized and ready to go, in 3 hours or less, in one cooking session. Save money With the itemized weekly shopping lists, you buy exactly what you need for five nights of healthy, tasty meals for a bout $75 to $100 for a family of four.  (That’s one-third less than the national average of $635 per month according to the Vanier Institute of the Family.) No more wilting veggies and frozen mystery meat! Save your sanity Supper is waiting in our fridge! Hurry home to the more important things. The planning and preparing of supper is done-all you need to do is heat it up and get your gang to the table.  Less stress Monday through Friday means homework, soccer practice, supper-time conversation and spending time together are all possible. 

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