Trying to Eat Healthy in Big White and San Francisco

I sit in my hotel room in San Francisco on the back end of another business trip. I thought the title was appropriate for two reasons; the front end of this trip was a conference and a day of skiing (down hill) in Big White and while I started out feeling good about my efforts to stay healthy I can’t say they have followed me to San Fran.

A few weeks back I met up with Theresa and she recommended a number of things for me including taking Salba along with slow roasted hemp hearts during breakfast. I thought ‘how easy will this be’. Then I tried to fit it into my normal routine including mashing the two into my peanut butter (yes PC’s Just Peanuts) and jam (Stasis Preserves – so good). Ok, this is still a work in progress and at some point I’m just going to have to start making Theresa’s Magic Muesli.

Anyway, this past weekend in Big White the Flight Centre Web Development and Marketing teams shared condos which had full kitchen and we bought food; perfect right? Each morning I reached for a yogurt from the fridge, grabbed my zip lock bags of goodness, mixed them together, and voila.

The challenge now is I find myself in a hotel room with no kitchen or fridge. The dilemma I have is do I carry down my ziplock bags to my breakfast meetings and just whip them out? Sure, it could be an interesting topic of conversation to kick things. Will the menu have something that’s not only conducive to my new routine but will it be something I even want to eat?

I really need to figure this out before the next business trip and if you have any suggestions or advice I’m all ears.